Indonesia is home to over 300 ethnicities and cultures from Sabang to Merauke which are the most western and eastern parts of Indonesia respectively. With each islands has uniquely different demographics then the other.  With that in mind Indonesia is always in need for quality entertainment either in television and cinema’s alike.
Our company was established on September 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia with two-production company, which was established on two different specializations. International Films productions and Mr. Rius Production, with International Films productions specializing on Worldwide productions and Mr. Rius Productions specializing productions within south east Asian region.  Despite being a relatively new production company, we pride ourselves on having highly qualified professionals who have dedicated their lives on the pursuit of quality film and television productions either on or off the field.
Here at International Films and Mr. Rius productions, we envision a future where television and film are created with passion and educative, where every action, backdrop, sound, and story in a frame tells an entertaining yet educative story to the audience.  We also believe in finding and nurturing new stars as to diversify stars in Indonesia’s cinemas
Recalling our Company’s vision, Here at International Films and Mr. Rius Productions, we strive to:
  • Creating quality entertainment yet educative for both television and Cinemas
  • Provide a media for potential stars to spread their wings
  • Promote Indonesia’s culture and Film expertise to the International community
Organizational Structure
Our company executive boards are filled with professionals who are Professional experts on their respective fields.

Mr. Rius Production
03 Jun 2021

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Kuningan Timur, Setia Budi

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